We all throw items often without a second thought. What we throw away impacts our environment and economy. Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, tyres, electronics, batteries, construction materials, food and garden waste are all waste items containing value in the form of energy and resources. We are working to maximize that value.
Circular Seed can help businesses create value and meet local & national waste diversion objectives. While reducing pollution and green gas emissions, Circular Seed’s technology can help the businesses shift from a linear economy to a circular economy that uses waste as a resource to produce sustainable products.

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General Waste

While we focus on providing solutions to customers aimed at reducing waste in landfill, we know that it is not always possible, or viable to recycle all waste. We work with our customers to understand their waste needs and provide the right solution for their business.
Materials accepted for general waste include Soiled containers, Broken Ceramic and glass, Plastic Bags, Non-recyclable packaging

Liquid Waste

Safety is always our top priority when collecting and transporting any kind of liquid waste. That’s why we provide the right container for each and every type of waste material – whether solid, pasty or liquid. From septic waste to wastewater, coolants and drum waste, we have the expertise to manage your liquid waste safely, securely and in compliance with safety and environmental requirements.

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Hazardous Waste

Waste that poses potential risks to human health and the environment needs specialised and extra-careful handling. We safely collect, process and dispose of hazardous materials under carefully controlled conditions that make sure high-risk materials stay out of the environment. Hazardous waste can include: Packaged chemicals, E-Waste, Quarantine Waste, Medical Waste, Asbestos, Workshop Waste.

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