Pallet re-use and recycling

Does your company receive goods on timber or plastic pallets?

Are they piling up, taking up space or filling up your general waste bin?

We get a lot of enquiries about pallet waste. If you have pallets piling up, download our pallet guide.

The guide will help you determine if your pallets can be re-used or recycled.

Pallet facts:

  1. There are approximately 140 million pallets in circulation in Australia (Australian pallet survey, 2017)

  2. A standard Australian pallet measures 1165 x 1165 x 150 mm. The Australian pallet was designed in order to fit two pallets side-by-side in a Railways of Australia Container Express (RACE) which is a slightly wider version of a standard shipping container.

  3. Untreated and heat-treated timber pallets can be recycled (via shredding) and made into compost and garden products

  4. Standard Australian and Standard Export timber pallets can be directly re-used. Pallet companies may collect loads of pallets for free (minimum load of 30 pallets). Some pallet companies will even pay you for your good-condition timber pallets. Download our pallet guide here

  5. There are increasing numbers of plastic pallets in circulation. Like timber pallets, they have a market value and can be on-sold. Talk to us about plastic pallet buy-back.

  6. Blue pallets are most likely Chep pallets . Chep operates the largest pallet rental pool in the world. The blue paint aids in pallet identification. Chep retrieve and refurbish their own pallets, then put them back into circulation.

If you’d like to talk to us about your pile of pallets, get in touch.

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