Circular Seed

Born from a desire to do better.

We are fully committed to evolving and challenging the waste industry to be better stewards of the environment.
In 2018, Narendran embarked on a mission to do better with waste management, we launched a more efficient, waste-conscious collection service to reshape the waste industry. Today, we set ourselves apart by helping companies and communities incorporate sustainability into their daily routines, transparency into their waste operations, and zero waste innovation into their revenue growth.


We talk rubbish, but our success isn’t dependent on landfill dumping. We’re building towards a world where waste is seen a resource.

That’s our future.
Let’s continue to think about waste differently. We have the freedom to evaluate our waste impact and deliver real solutions, have real conversations, and make real contributions to reducing waste.
Together, we’re pioneering a better way to manage waste and recycling.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Circular Seed
Narendran Subramaniam

Founding Director

As a natural problem solver, he has applied his engineering knowledge across his 20 years of experience to solve problems and find sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on our planet. Naren has a strong focus on setting up and growing start-up organizations and is actively involved in innovation consulting, ideation, prototyping and commercialization of unique solutions.

Naren is a qualified mechanical engineer with additional qualifications and experience in aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), as well as business administration (MBA).

Lavanya Gowrisanker

Environmental Scientist

Lavanya is an environmental engineer with close to 10 years’ experience in a multitude of fields including air quality, greenhouse gas, energy auditing, sustainability and climate change.

Lavanya has experience undertaking air quality impact assessments, energy efficiency audits and assisting clients in National Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reporting System (NGERS). She has undertaken greenhouse gas impact assessments for both Australian and International projects including the IFC and EBRD funded projects and undertaken climate change risk assessments under Equator principles.

Meet the advisory board

Melissa Grove

Non Executive Advisory Board Member

With a passion for people and development, Melissa Grove is a professional with 
more than 17 years of financial and commercial experience, working across ‘big  4’ 
public practice, large corporates, and diverse geographical locations. She is a 
collaborative leader who thrives on seeing her contribution deliver both value and 
results. More recently she has applied her skills and experience to supporting 
start-ups, for profit organisations and First Nation’s people in business.  
Through a professional career spanning different countries, Melissa is adept to 
translating her skills to differing cultural and legislative environments. Her experience 
in public practice has allowed her to understand local and global statutory 
obligations, balanced with the commercial acumen required to run successful 
Completing her MBA in 2019, she serves on the ConnectGroups Board and as a 
Non-Executive Advisory Board Member to Circular Seed. A committed and 
values-based leader, Melissa has a diverse range of skills to contribute beyond the 
Sylvia Tokic

Non Executive Advisory Board Member

Sylvia is an Environment, Social Governance (ESG) and Social Impact Consultant who is commercially astute across the Energy industry sector and skilled in gathering, analysing, and synthesising research and data to address core business and social impact issues.

Her work supports the creation and delivery of positive social change – inspired by experience in enterprise, design, research, analysis, and incubator programmes. Possesses a strong client focus, forward-thinking with strengths in stakeholder engagement, market and social analysis, planning, reporting, and delivering insights that provide maximum value.  Sylvia has a degree in engineering (BEng) and a master in business administration (MBA) and is at the forefront of sustainability trends and innovations, globally as well as locally.

Our Values

We’re on a mission to keep wastes circulating in our economy as resources. We believe in challenging the status quo to build sustainable communities through responsible and innovative solutions.


Commitment to customers, employees, and the community in terms of loyalty, transparency, and accountability


We work continuously to improve our ability by developing smarter applications and experiences with every collection


Showing respect and commitment for nature and the planet and being aware of the influence our decisions and choices have on our communities


Our endeavors are in line with the United Nations' efforts to ensure a better and more sustainable future for everybody.

Environmental Social Governance

We believe in making an impact and believe in the value of setting goals and being held to them. This understanding is at the core of what we do at Circular Seed. We give our clients data and visibility into their waste and production habits so they can dramatically improve their practices.

We look forward to sharing our evolution with you.